Ghost Trick cat made of polymer clay

"Ray" can be found here. (or, if you’re in singapore, totallyhotstuff at orchard central/orchard gateway has it.)


I like the smock


I like the smock

gt replay random thoughts


so I just finished round 2

and I should prolly do this every couple years when I’ve forgotten the solution to the puzzles

more fun but holy fuck i must have reset the justice minister office one like five times

escort mission as frustrating as ever stop commentating on the side jowd STOPPIT

on the other hand cabanela never stop dancing

this game’s animation is amazing

cats rule dogs drool is clearly a sabotage mission created by humans to stop the unholy alliance from taking over earth

exhibit a missile and sissel fate-defying dream team

does ray count as a third member??? technically not but still


Yoms inexplicably remains my favorite character next to Sissel. Probably because of Sissel. A man may be evil and wicked but as long as he is loved by his cat there is a glimmer of hope.

Ending timeline as confusing as ever. Didnt the original birthday actually take place five years in the future but suddenly its ten years later and its time for Yoms to gtfo of prison???


everyone is happy sad fates of doom averted

everyone is happy but me

want to play gt for the first time ALL OVER AGAIN i have never had that magical feeling since chrono trigger

plus i really suck at sliding puzzles

Solution: fanart!!!

Word on the sabotage mission, hah!

As for the birthday surprise, fanon has it that Jowd simply didn’t want to risk another accident and kept his daughter away from magician ropes and firing cupids until she was five years older…

"Ah, the teeension of a crime scene! Yeeeah, nothing like it, baby!"

"Ah, the teeension of a crime scene! Yeeeah, nothing like it, baby!"


Zookeeper au. One day They lose Cabanela and find him posing with the peacocks having photos taken by fascinated tourists.


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My old alternative was

(pictured: Cabanela, Alma and an unusually affectionate Jowd)

[Jowd, Alma, Cabanela] Zookeepers!AU


It’s a recurring joke that their little zoo would soar in popularity if the owner stopped keeping Attendant Cabanela on a payroll and, instead, kept him in a cage.

Entertaining image, sure, but not quite accurate, Jowd muses as Alma throws a sardine to the man and accompanies it with some jest he doesn’t catch, but could almost deduce from the way Cabanela throws his head back in laughter and gestures back, bowing on his spindly flamingo legs.

It wouldn’t work, he’s too high maintenance – it’d take the combined efforts of the two of them to keep him happy and chirping, and then who’d look after the penguins?


So Shari and I were thinking that this whole ‘doors shut in Cabanela’s face’ thing would make a lovely piece of fanon

It’s basically Jowd conceding a dialectic point, whatever they were bantering about, because if he knew how to snark back he wouldn’t resort to a DOOR, but at the same time


(his door, more often than not)

there’s some satisfaction to be found in that.


GHOST TRICK STUFF!!! sort of in chronological order. plus a crossover thing


Sissel cosplay

raygirlramblings there’s a clickable link on ‘job’


Cabanela, a rare breed of detective. Do not approach the Cabanela. Make soft jazz noises and allow the Cabanela to approach you. 

If you stay perfectly still (and therefore appear invisible to the Cabanela, who equates movement with existence), a specimen will come forward within the fifth bar of smooth jazz and check their surroundings.

Mom finds alternate use for free swag from said festival. There, Siss’, now you’re a pretty ghost.

Mom finds alternate use for free swag from said festival. There, Siss’, now you’re a pretty ghost.

A man devoted to his job.
(as seen at the Northalsted Market Days festival in Chicago)


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