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Actually Cabanela when he drops the quirks tho

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Hahaha… I’m about to get pecked, aren’t I.

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Oh my god PM.  Rude.

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lynne’s breakdancing career is off to a tragic start

Excuse u look at this girl look at her mentors. Was that dramatic move necessary? YES. Was all that chicken necessary? HELL YES.

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? I do not understand this post, OP? At least in the context of the game’s tag, idk if it was a more specific thing aimed at your mutual followers! Fandom’s slow and tiny but it’s always been around and it’s always been on Tumblr… the current fyeah blog has been going for more than two years and there were others before it… rp scene also slow and tiny but also still existing, etc etc…?

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continuing the drunken theme!

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"No (mostly because Jowd is an unhelpful ass who doesn’t namesmush)" Jowdmiel. You see, it takes two unhelpful asses.

I see that as proof of the opposite tbh, ie Yomiel is the ultimate namesmush and not even that odd syllable can resist.

Not that he isn’t an unhelpful ass in every other respect, of course. It’s just… the exception. His name. Good job Yomiel, you got one thing right in your life. An easy name for shipping.

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cabs it’s this sort of thing that makes people think you’re the bad guy

Aw, don’t ruin his fun, his mustache-twirling persona is his pride and joy (although this behaviour here is exactly the reason the plot exists in the first place, so here, he might not be acting… much.)

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mmm watcha saaaay

one day i’ll be able to draw his face in a way i’m happy with

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kind of wanted to draw more comic art of my current favs for wondercon but ended up finally doing the capcom prints ive been wanting to do hahaaa idc

play ghost trick!! and may takumi deliver us from this poorly written hell, prays for the games that athena and apollo deserve, amen

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He requested my assistance. I guess it’s a little hard for him to reach, even when the cards are a little closer to his size.

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