That’s is probably how Cab’s acquired the bright red scarf tbh. Ten years later he’s still got it, still in the same-or-better condition as the day he got. Still won’t wear it in any way that is actually effective for keeping out the winter cold, so now Jowd just lets him freeze and/or makes jokes about sharing body heat~ that Cabanela knows better than to take too seriously, but always gets a little flushed about anyway.

I don’t know if they’re neighbors in the new timeline? Presumably Amelie and her mom are still living with her dad wherever that is because there was never the fight over Jowd’s execution. Definitely in the old one, though. Multiple times a year, every year, only sometimes with Kamila. Lynne invites Amelie to come play with them a few times, but Amelie’s never been too sure about it.

I’m keep trying to come up w some joke about a zombie hiding in a zombie crawl, but tbh I keep laughing at the thought of Yomiel stumbling on Alma or Lynne or someone and just about pissing his pants believing Karma Has Come.

Very true, very true. In time, Cabanela has developed a fixed set of fashion-related retorts, it’s all too easy with Jowd who manages to wear ANYTHING wrong. It takes some expertise to notice that he’s replying on autopilot and is actually a tiny bit flushed.

(loosely related but)

And yes, sadly game timeline-only! We can build a headcanon fort all day and tell ourselves that the girls totally meet in the new timeline too, but they never get to be neighbours :<
(Amelie is probably like ‘…peasants’)

…and I needed that laugh, thanks. Sorry Yomiel!

purrs-n-scurrs absolutely but it has to be Jowd who was trying to donate his scarf to Cabanela, who was actually wearing three scarves already, BUT NONE OF THEM DID ANYTHING TO COVER HIS VERY LOW NECKLINE and they were also white so to the unsuspecting passer-by, he seemed unprepared.

First one is totally Amelie @ Lynne, it’s not even an AU they’re neighbours

Last one Yomiel at some point probably


Another thing I like about Ghost Trick is that the game never seems to expect you to get things right the very first try. You’re encouraged to try different things and make mistakes.

And you’re often rewarded with funny and interesting dialogue when you do!


i love small fandoms and outdated memes that’s actually sad i’m sad

Palette #11 for mutalieju!The cat is way too old to play witch&#8217;s familiar but the cat is notoriously a good sport. (The cat is very, very good at playing witch&#8217;s familiar)

Palette #11 for mutalieju!
The cat is way too old to play witch’s familiar but the cat is notoriously a good sport. (The cat is very, very good at playing witch’s familiar)

Jowd + 7 for juniperwoods!

Jowd + 7 for juniperwoods!

Lynne 25?



i love lynne but honestly screw her hair lol

ah that makes sense thank you!

You’re welcome! :) The lady technically came first but since one is the main character and the other is as fridged as fridging gets… u_u

sorry could you tell me what fianSissel means? i think i understand it but i cant figure out what fian stands for...?

Sure thing anon! It’s fanon shorthand for ‘fiancée Sissel’, i.e. Yomiel’s girlfriend, i.e. not the cat! :)

puzzleaddictyomz replied to your post: “puzzleaddictyomz replied to your post: “Now that I am somewhat more…”:
But I thought ghosts only happened when you die near Temsik (or its radiation I guess)? Idk my headcanon has always been that fianSissel never even became a ghost (Yomiel doesn’t seem to expect any other ghosts until he sees tricks and even then…)

I mean the… spirits, souls… things that you talk to in the game! The regular dead people. Those with the purported 24-hours limit. In this setting, anyone who dies keeps their conscience/individuality/soul/whatever for a certain amount of time (at least for some hours, as ch14 goes back a little bit farther than the usual) or Sissel wouldn’t be able to reach out to them.

On the other hand, the  two characters who have been dead for years aren’t around anymore. And as you say, Yomiel certainly never got to talk to fianSissel after her death, something he should’ve been able to do, being a ghost himself. So she had disappeared already when he got to the scene. So they don’t last too much, I think…

pearls-fey replied to your photo: “nebulantis please stand by, I don’t like fanon Cecil and I have no…”:
Cecil sounds like sissle. wake up tumblr.

A-yup! And actually.

And a latino white coat with perfect hair and perfect smile looks like

Beauty in 12 doing her nails for tankens!

Beauty in 12 doing her nails for tankens!

I think so too. On the other hand, Yomiel clearly didn’t get closure with fianSissel, so there is a relatively short time limit for regular dead people, be it a day or a week…