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Naw, look at them. I can headcanon Cabanela as a compulsive big spoon all I want but with Jowd there’s no contest.

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The petition didn’t pass. :c

Learning to navigate lineart-less colouring… (I also redrew the old sketch entirely because it was terrible. This is still terrible but less so)

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Every time both characters’ tags update I’m torn between clicking immediately and playing ‘let’s keep up the suspense’ with my dash (the chances of the new post not being on my dash being sadly abysmal).

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I defence of the Yaoi hands of Jowd.

Yeah this is loosely based on general GT discussions with laughingmango, about how if poor Cabanela ever did have an all out breakdown (over work or the past or the timeline he can’t remember etc) it would ONLY be acceptable to do that whilst surrounded by a shield of Jowd.  ONLY THEN would it be ok to let down the defences.

*sigh* OTP feels.

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kiu22 replied to your post: “Petition to ban yaoi hands”:
where do I sign

On a very small piece of paper, with a very small pen, I presume.

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dizzymosquito replied to your post: “Petition to ban yaoi hands”:
NO NEVER. Cabs would never allow it

Right. My bad. He’d be

It’s just too comfy to be scooped up and cuddled by those shovels, huh.

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Petition to ban yaoi hands

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A Cabanela caring for his stubborn workaholic friend’s health for raygirlramblings! As if you’re one to talk, Cabs.




I can’t even….I want to stare at this for hours. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. Besties, besties for lyfe. No PM you can’t escape the Cabs hug pile, don’t even try. Lovey knows.

I’m so very glad you like it! :D

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I suddenly feel inclined to point out that I cannot locate the heart/like button anywhere on your blog layout (the default one a the top of the screen seems disabled) meaning that if I don’t catch your stuff on my dash itself, I can’t like it even if I went to look at it on your blog… And I don’t see it too often on my dash, considering the massive amount of blogs I hoard follow and general timezone shenanigans…

So yeah, sometimes there is about four people who care for it but one of them can’t let it show! orz

What :o thanks for pointing it out, same here on both browsers! Probably a fault in the theme, one I don’t know how to fix but I may just change theme and call it a day… Odd. Thanks!

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"The pic looks a little gay?"

"That’d be due to Inspector Cabanela existing in the pic."

"Well, point."

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A Cabanela caring for his stubborn workaholic friend’s health for raygirlramblings! As if you’re one to talk, Cabs.

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That’s some intense air traffic for all those lights!

Please imagine your favourite open-air GT scene being constantly interrupted by NYOOOOOOOMing planes.

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What’s with the red lights anyway?

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